Are Silicone Teethers Good for Babies?

Teether is basically a standard part of every baby’s teething routine. It has been increasingly popular among parents as a go-to choice for soothing their babies’ teething discomfort. These teething toys are designed to provide relief to infants during the challenging teething phase.

Are Silicone Teethers Good for Babies?-siliconeGPT manufacturer of silicone baby products

Brief introduction of teethers

According to the growth needs of baby’s teeth at different times, designed with different functions of the teether, usually used when the milk teeth have not erupted, the material is made of non-toxic soft plastic. There are a variety of designs, some protruding grooves, some have the effect of massaging the gums, and some will emit a milky and fruity flavor, the baby will be very favorite.

Teether, also known as teethers and teethers trainers, is made of safe, non-toxic soft plastic rubber that helps babies exercise chewing and biting motions while easing the discomfort of teething and contributes to the healthy growth of teeth.

Teether is used to fulfill the needs of itchy baby teeth. Through sucking and biting gum, prompting the baby’s mouth and hand coordination, not only to promote the growth of baby teeth, but also to promote the development of intelligence; the baby is frustrated and unhappy, tired and want to sleep or lonely, lonely, can also be bitten through the gum to get psychological satisfaction and sense of security. Teether can also slow down the discomfort of the baby’s gums when teething, and does not harm the baby’s gums. It is recommended that mothers give their babies to buy brand quality and reputation are relatively good teether, so that the use of it is also assured.

Generally teethers are made of silicone, rubber, latex, thermoplastic elastomers or thermoplastics, etc. Since the teethers are sucked directly into the mouth when they are used, the safety and hygiene of the teethers’ materials, and the safety and reliability of the teethers’ structure are of the greatest concern to consumers. Let’s explore the benefits and considerations associated with silicone teethers.

Are Silicone Teethers Good for Babies?-siliconeGPT manufacturer of silicone baby products

Benefits of Silicone Teethers:

  • Safety: So in the material silicone baby teethers usually need to use food-grade high transparent fumed silicone rubber raw materials customized production, the product can reach contact with human skin and no harm, which is non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals such as BPA, phthalates, and PVC etc.
  • Soft and Gentle: Silicone teethers are made of soft silicone rubber materials, the hardness can even reach 20 Shore A making them gentle on babies’ delicate gums. They offer a soothing sensation, providing relief from teething pain and discomfort.
  • Easy to Clean: The surface of silicone teethers are not difficult to clean and maintain. They can be washed with alcohol or placed in the dishwasher for convenience.
  • Durable: Silicone teethers are known for their durability. They are durable and can be used for a long time until the child can grow their tooth well.
  • Versatile: Silicone teethers has many shape, structure and even colors. And the manufacturer of silicone baby products will develop more type of teethers to attract the comsumers and baby.


  • Supervision: Although silicone teethers are generally safe, it is essential to supervise babies while they are using them to prevent any potential choking hazards. Regularly inspect the teether for signs of damage or wear.
  • Comfort and Preference: Babies have individual preferences when it comes to teething toys. While many babies find silicone teethers soothing, it’s important to observe your baby’s response and comfort level to determine the best teething option for them.
  • Alternatives: Silicone teethers are not the only option available for teething babies. Some babies may prefer other materials, such as natural rubber or wooden teethers. It’s good to explore different options to find the one that suits your baby’s needs.
  • Design for baby’s hands: Because the baby’s teething time is relatively early, at that time his fingers are not very flexible. These teethers only have a handle, baby is often just grabbed on a moment from the hand fell off.
  • Structure of the teethers: The teethers is too long and too big and it can reach down your throat and cause danger. The baby would put the whole strawberry part into his mouth, probably because of the irritation of the throat, the milk was spit out. It is too dangerous to use a long and shape silicone tool too.

Introduction of silicone teethers from SiliconeGPT

Are Silicone Teethers Good for Babies?-siliconeGPT manufacturer of silicone baby products

semi-enclosed design: The teethers is designed semi-enclosed which will be easy for baby to handle and does not smother babys’hands. It can also prevent baby from eating its hands by 180 °angle.

Are Silicone Teethers Good for Babies?-siliconeGPT manufacturer of silicone baby products

93% dust-free: The teethers can reach 93% dust-free rate after light treatment.

zonal grinding of teeth: Sucking, teething and nibbling all in one! Hollow on the left is for small months non-irritating suitable for 0-9 months old babies;

Solid right side is for older babies: non-irritating suitable for 9-36 months. “Pacifier”shape arms are soft and soft to soothe baby.

Anti-swallowing and anti-dry-heaving:

1.Safe for babies to chew independentlyBoth ends of the nibbling head block to prevent deep swallowing

2.2.3cm depth of entry

3.Safe depth of entry, comfortable to chew and anti-dry-heaving

Are Silicone Teethers Good for Babies?-siliconeGPT manufacturer of silicone baby products

Silicone Sterilization: Microwave Sterilization, Steam Sterilization, Water Sterilization, Dishwasher Sterilization

Are Silicone Teethers Good for Babies?-siliconeGPT manufacturer of silicone baby products


Silicone teethers can be a valuable tool for providing relief to teething babies. They are generally safe, easy to clean, and offer a gentle and soothing experience. However, every baby is unique, and it’s essential to consider your baby’s preferences and safety while choosing a teether. Remember to supervise your baby during teething toy usage and consult with your pediatrician if you have any concerns.

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