Why do all freshly manufactured silicone dinnerware have an odor!

Among the rubber and plastic materials, silicone is considered to be closer to the safety and environmental protection of one of the main synthetic materials, the reason why it is widely used by us or because of its special performance and safety of environmentally friendly materials, it is widely used in the field of life and daily use, in the mother and baby products, adult products and kitchen utensils daily necessities as well as medical care in the popularity of it, although it is environmentally friendly and safe is unimpeachable, but it’s the smell of the rubber flavor is really The majority of consumers are more questionable point, the smell in the end how to come, in the end there is no harm?

Why do all freshly manufactured silicone dinnerware have an odor!

  Odor is the most avoided rubber and plastic materials a phenomenon, such as rubber, plastic, chemical thermoplastic materials will produce a strong smell, which also makes us have to relate to its safety and stability, so silicone nature is also the same, but its smell and other rubber and plastic materials are different, it is mainly from the raw materials as well as auxiliary materials in the odor emitted by the additives, but not additives.

  In the silicone material, siloxane is the main core of the odor, and whether the use of methyl silicone rubber or vinyl silicone rubber or phenyl silicone rubber will be added to the raw rubber D4 silicone, which belongs to the intermediates of silicone materials, the full name: octamethyl cyclosiloxane (D4), which belongs to the white liquid, after hydrolysis of chlorosilanes and then distillation, the separation of a compound is only, belongs to the silicone rubber. Raw material intermediate additives, such as adding silicone oil, raw rubber will use it!

  Although it is distilled and concentrated, but also in the odor only through the volatility of the bottom of the test did not exceed the standard content.

  In addition to it, we will add a substance in silicone products before curing molding, and this substance is likely to be associated with the smell, “silicone catalyst” it is in the process of refining raw materials added to a curing additives, mainly for the molding of the curing, and vulcanizing agent is made of double two four double two five two different varieties of products, double two four for general-purpose, it is only through the volatile test bottom amount does not exceed the standard content. Double two four for general-purpose, it emits a stronger odor than double two five, is used for different silicone rubber substrates can be used on the material.

Why do all freshly manufactured silicone dinnerware have an odor!

  Double two five is vinyl silicone general-purpose, because of its low activity, can only contain vinyl silicone rubber vulcanization effect, and its curing effect is outstanding, with a lower deformation of long-lasting, with a certain degree of deformation of the elasticity, inertia and the composition of the chemical compound is higher.

  Their main components come from: nickel catalyzed by adding hydrogen to generate dimethyl ethylene glycol, in the synthesis of sulfuric acid under the action of hydrogen peroxide oxidation of dimethyl ethanedioic acid in the synthesis of sulfuric acid under the action of the tert-butylation of tert-butyl alcohol to get dimethyldianhydride, and then washing, distillation production to get dimethylethane (bisdis, bisdis, bisdis).

  In the silicone industry, the catalyst is added to the mixing rubber color rubber blending in the addition of vulcanizing agent, and the addition of vulcanizing agent after high-temperature molding out of the mold will produce a small amount of odor emitted at the moment, the smell is mainly for the silicone itself emits the smell of glue, and no pungent as well as hazardous substances, it is mainly from the smell of D4, vulcanizing agent, and other compounds basically does not produce any smell.

  Usually after the completion of production of silicone manufacturers will first be ventilated, high-temperature baking to disseminate raw materials in the compound, so we do not have to worry about the purchase of silicone products have a smell, it is not serious enough to jeopardize the life of the smell of life, we recommend that you buy silicone daily necessities after high-temperature boiling and baking at a high temperature of 200 degrees for a long time to keep ventilated.

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